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Hello, Reader !

My brother and I spent much of our childhood in the wonderland owned by our grandmother, Angelina. It was a little corner “mom & pop” store, but aside from the soda that Western Pennsylvania’s call pop, there were no pops. That store, but really my grandma herself, was our world. We learned to love, listen, and count in that store. (Fun fact: there were 488 Swedish Fish in a box. Tony and I would usually share the 13 left over after bagging them in bags of 25… usually. Sometimes we would fight over them but usually not).

We learned about retail and being an entrepreneur and how to navigate our sibling bond. Our grandma, looking at stickers from shipments, would do quick calculations in her head - which I would come to understand as gross margin later when I worked on buying offices and corporate retailers- and rattle off the price of each item. Tony and I would spend the rest of the day with the pricing marker, putting price stickers on them (and each other).

I also learned the value of being genuinely interested in people and hearing their stories and building true community from watching the master of these: our grandma. In that small town corner store, I would say I was primed to become a psychologist and to help ask questions, share stories, and build community. These characteristics and of course the bonding Tony and I did do in that magical place are the foundation for The Broken Pack.

This is what I am so excited about with this course! We will be actively in community and learning to share our stories after learning, reflection, and guidance.

Presale starts tomorrow: June 9th!

I'm very excited to share that this course, Sharing my Story of Sibling Loss: A Primer, will help you take a deeper look into your sibling relationship, the loss, and the impact of both of those on you. It will be a mix of learning and writing - in which my hope is that you will learn about yourself, your sibling relationship, family dynamics, the loss, your grief (and grief in general as well as sibling grief specifically), and relative psychological concepts.

In the end, you will have a cohesive memoir of sorts that you can reflect on, review, share, and edit. AND, if you so choose, you will have the option of sharing this story on a special episode of the podcast.

You will have access to an interactive online community of peers (including myself) for a year and several years' access to the course materials.

I am pleased to offer a presale sale price on this course of $194 (value is $499).

Seats in this course will be limited to ensure it meets your needs! So, if you are interested, please make sure to sign up when it goes on pre-sale.

Pre-sale begins this Friday, June 9th and will end on July 3rd or when seats are filled, whichever comes first. I will send out a link on Thursday June 8th for the sale.

To sign up, go to the website (https://thebrokenpack.com/), click on the menu “Community & Course Space” where you can sign up!
The self-paced course will begin on July 10th!

Please feel free to pass this information on to anyone who may be interested.

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